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January 27, 2015 Giveaway 0

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As of yesterday, Reviews In A Pinch has been online and blogging for 1 year!  That’s really exciting and I’m pretty proud of that.  Especially since I tend to get bored easily.  When I decided to start a blog, I tried to figure out what to blog about (obviously).  I ended up coming up with some fairly ridiculous ideas; politics, religion, random thoughts, news worthy mentions, etc.  When it comes to those topics I could probably get through 2-3 posts (which would probably be classified as rants) and then I’d be done with it.

I love to read.  I kind of feel like that’s a bit of an understatement, but I’ve always been a big nerd when it comes to reading.  I started thinking about the fact that I always have an opinion about a book when I finish reading it and realized (bam!) I have a blogging topic.  Then I started adding other things so that I didn’t bog myself down with books and constantly end up in cyclic reading slumps (because that would suck).

This past weekend, partially in celebration of the blogiversary, Reviews In A Pinch switched blog hosts.  We’re now hosted by Creative Whim!  It took me a while to settle on a look, but I’m pretty happy with our new look.  Hopefully you guys like the new look too.  I’m pretty sure everything went smoothly with the transfer, but if you’re not getting your Reviews In A Pinch (sorry about that), just re-subscribe on the right.

On to the giveaway.  If you’re a regular reader here, then you know that I have a lot of books.  Sometimes I forget which ones I already bought or if they’re part of a series I just get them confused.  Therefore, I have duplicates of books.

In celebration of 1 year of book blogging, I will be giving away those books to 1 person.  There are 4-5 books and they’re all in good condition.  I bought them at a used bookstore, but I can be kind of picky.  There’s a book by Charlaine Harris, Kathy Reichs, John Berendt, and more.

If you’re interested in winning these books, enter below.  I will send an email to the winner.  You do have to be willing to email me back with your address so that I can send you the books.  Good luck!

Enter here!

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