Indie Author Spotlight


Indie authors don’t have it easy.  It’s hard to get someone to give your book a chance.  And when you’re self-published, some readers automatically tune out.  So we’re here to help.  The Indie Author Spotlight posts on the last Friday of every month and highlights a new independent/self-published author and their book.  Each post includes the book’s synopsis, a short bio for the author and an excerpt from the book.

If you’re an independent/self-published author and would like to be featured, email Mel at and she’ll email you back!


November 2015:  Marcel Cizmas – The Vault

December 2015:  Wayne Basta – Worst. Book. Ever. The Adventures of Max Power

January 2016:  Melanie Tomlin – Angel’s Kiss

February 2016:  Eirik Moe Dahll-Larssøn – In the Seraphim City

March 2016:  Lisa Orban – It’ll Feel Better When It Quits Hurting

April 2016:  Topher Goggin – Not Your Mother’s Goose

May 2016:  

June 2016:

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