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Have you ever heard of Perfectly Posh?  Do you like to pamper yourself?  If you answered no to the first question, that’s ok.  If you answered no to the second question, why not?!  Everyone deserves to pamper themselves!  Plus it’s actually good for you.

I recently became a consultant for Perfectly Posh because I tried a few of their products and loved them because they worked for me.  Then I realized I should review each product as I try them so that other people can find an opinion elsewhere.  So I am a consultant, but I’m not going to lie if I don’t like a product.  That would be stupid because if someone decided to try Perfectly Posh, I would be hoping they would fall in love with it.  Not possible if I lie to you.

Here you can find my product reviews.  Here’s also a link to the site (my page), but if you EVER have any questions PLEASE, please, please ask me.  I’d be happy to help, as long as you don’t mind a blunt answer.  If you regularly read this blog, I’m sure you’d be expecting that.


Posh Reviews:


Kale Face – Fresh Mask

My Hero 30+ SPF – Facial Sunscreen

Perk! – Skin Stick

Pore-Fect – Face Wash Bar


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